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♕ Jackline Wopler


♕ Jackline Wopler

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LOLOLOL I snort too!

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I’m so conflicted. I want to watch old episodes of all my favorite tv shows, but then I’m finally on season four of Game of Thrones, but then I also really want to do something creative, but then also I WANT TO STUFF MY FACE WITH ICE CREAM AND COOKIES, but then I’d have to go out and get stuff….. do you see? My dilemma? This is my existence in a nutshell.

Lol this is such real life!

Text 14 Sep 1 note Just watched Good Will Hunting! Such a fucking great movie!

I don’t come on here much anymore for some personal, dude be creeping me reasons but… Someone a while ago that I met on here was talking about this movie and I finally watched it all the way through. This movie is my life on screen! Minus me being a genius! Fucking awesome!!

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80% of people remain quiet even when they really want to say something in order to avoid an argument with someone they care about.
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Life via the camera roll

I thought I’d share a slice of me and Cezar’s home with you! The little world of Brooklyn Heights.

For more, you can always follow me on Instagram (@loveannapatrick).

Namaste, and I hope you make your own home an adventure,


Text 9 May It’s been like 4eva since I’ve been on! I chose to love life and not be held back by technology! And oh my god it’s been an AMAZING experience to cut off all my multimedia connections… But I’ve missed my “friends” that I’ve made! So just wanted to say HELLO to everyone and I hope you all are doing as wonderfully as I am!

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